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I'm professional social photographer and I liked this photograph. Will try to critique as best as I can on my knowledge about photography. It shows that the author have good vision on framing and solid photographer qualities. Framing is very good, with the terrain making a nice diagonal, aligned with the body of the cheetah and even his ears. The upper body of the animal fits perfectly whithin the left border too. Beside that, i think that the photographer would do a better photo if he had off framed the little foliage on the right corner, even a little, because there is a leaf of it invading the background composition. I personaly think that this shot would be better if the left eye of cheetah was a little more visible and the tail made "entering" to the foreground terrain by walking to the right, but taking in account the focal length used (200mm + probly) and that the animal is not a static object (the photograph would lose the shot while walking to another position), i think is nice as it as.

The focus is very good, rigth in the animal eyes, but the photo itself is a little blury, I don't know if it is like that because it was a little dark and he was forced to use a low shutter speed or because he decided to make the background bluryer using a large apperture.

In my opinion, besides this photograph lacks something to make a "ohhhh!" becuase there is little subjective elements, is nice and very pleasing to watch shot that enable us to see the Cheetah on all this majesty, with the paws crossing each other and him never losing his majesty.

ps: Sorry for my bad english, is not my native language...
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StormNinjaKapow Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
My, my...what a critique. Nice job!
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